The rise of Hong Kong new wave cinema

Hong Kong films first rose to public consciousness on the heels of the international kung fu action movie boom of the 70s. By then, Bruce Lee had already established himself as a bona fide action hero and many other actor wannabes endeavored to follow in his footsteps. Hong Kong films really hit the big time at the end of the 80s and early 90s, when the seeds sown in the 70s started to bear fruit.

In the 1980s, Hong Kong dominated East Asian economics and show business. At the same time, Cantonese television series and movies were being produced at a feverish rate, and Hong Kong pop stars made young girls swoon all over Asia. The commercial hype that helped to promote kung fu films didn’t seem to subside and at the same the film industry started employing the newest available techniques in movie production. As a result, the visual quality of films improved considerably and at the same time became richer with the advent of visual effects.

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