Change At The End

Monday, I started my third and final year at university. There were three pathways we could take for our dissertation project:

Filmmaking (split into three sections)

  • Directing – direct your own film(s) and work as crew on other students films 
  • Producing – produce own film or up to 3 other films and working on other films dependent on workload
  • Editing/Cinematography/Sound – work on numerous films and will create a 3 minute (min) showreel


  • Write a 30-40 page script. This can either be a collection of scripts accumulating in 30-40 pages or a full script – it being a portfolio of script work to present to contacts.

Critical Studies

  • Write an essay about a critical aspect in film; effectively a theoretical essay about film.

Originally, I was going to take the filmmaking|directing pathway. However, the film I intended to make would be too big/long – financially, length and skill set wise for me (for now at least), and there are more complex reasons as well but I shan’t go into that. Any other shorter films I write would be subject to scrutiny, and would involve more effort than needed for such a short film.

I told you it was complicated.

Anyway, I’ve decided to take the screenwriting pathway as it feels like the right choice right now, and after working in the film industry throughout summer going back into the stress of filmmaking is too much. Writing is what I want to explore for this last year at university. Just now the issue of whether to write a script for a story I’m already working on or write something new for this.


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