The Horror of the Modern Film Industry

The first lesson of this module wasn’t anything more than explaining the logistics of making a film, putting it out into the world and trying to get your foot in the industry and introducing ourselves and what we like/want to do.

The amount of in-depth research you have to do is crazy, but then again I’m living the old-fashioned world where you write a script, send it to loads of production companies. One wants to finance it, you make the movie and they do the distribution. The world clearly doesn’t exist anymore or never existed…well not for people like me.

We went through understanding the market and knowing the trends, such as what is popular and how big are the budgets for similar films you want to make. Charles Gant’s blog on the Guardian’s website is great for the opening weekend box office amounts.

This lead to the ‘Pitching and Developing Ideas’ and what a good proposal [for a film] is supposed to include* and how to raise money. For example, which people to contact, regional screen agencies (Creative England, Irish Film Board), what broadcasting deals entail etc.

* Good Proposal:

  • Title, Logline
  • One page synopsis
  • The length, format & target audience (TV/Cinema?)
  • Director’s info – why are they the best person for the film
  • USP (Unique Selling Point) – Why now?
  • Outreach, web relevance, multi-platform content
  • SHOW beyond text; film a teaser, do your research

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