We all wanna be Amy. This independent girl who doesn’t need popularity to live. At a young age she realized that she just needs to be herself. We might say that we don’t want popularity but here we are in any kind of social media trying to get attention. We want to be Amy because she doesn’t care about that. She doesn’t care about other people. Only the people she cares about. We want to be Amy because she loves unconditionally. She treat her friends right. She may make mistakes but someone always got her back. Of all those troubles and lies she found Shane. She is starting to be close to Lauren. Her mother is starting to accept her. And even if Karma doesn’t love her that way she found Reagan. We want to be Amy because even with all those difficulties she found friends she can trust. And we all want our own Karma and a Reagan. Amy is our fantasy. Amy is the bestfriend we want to have and the bestfriend we want to be. The sarcastic strong girl that we want inside of us. But all we have is this confused lesbian that doesn’t know how to flirt. 

You know what… We all want Amy’s happiness as an endgame. Because we all feel like we’re Amy. We all want to be Amy. But the truth is we’re all Karma. We’re selfish, naive and confused. And we all know for a fact that if we have a chance to pin over some hot guy/girl we’ll grab that chance. We make mistakes and we hurt people unintentionally and most of all we’re insecure. We all want to find our soulmate who will accept our flaws and love us unconditionally and maybe like Karma we’re too busy looking around we don’t even notice what’s in front of us. We need to stop telling Karma what to do and start telling ourselves instead.”

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