Gone Girl And The Nice Guy

Very true and terrifying.

Thought Catalog

Gone GirlGone Girl

David Fincher once stated, “I think people are perverts. I’ve maintained that. That’s the foundation of my career.”

Gone Girl lives up to Fincher’s consistent outlook, focusing on the dangers of marriage while embracing the gender expectations media inundates the public with. Nick and Amy both end up cripplingly unhappy when they feel like they’re trapped pretending to be people they aren’t. And they react in the usual ways: with hurt feelings, affairs, and elaborate plots to frame your partner for murder.

The most fascinating aspect of Gone Girl, and a reason it has captured the public’s attention, is it is a movie that demands to be seen with company. The viewing is only half the experience: the conversation with friends afterwards is where the real fun is, and where much of the value of the film is hidden. Gone Girl’s story isn’t pretty, it never transcends…

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