DIRECTORY: British Pathé Film Archive

Founded on the 28th September 1896 by Charles, Emile, Théophile and Jacques Pathé in France, “the British Pathé archive is the world’s finest collection of newsreels and cinemagazines. All 85K films are viewable on our website and YouTube channel.

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Recently uploaded video: Headlines of the 20th Century



The British Pathé’s archive spans from almost a centuries worth of historical footage from across the globe. Covering events, celebrities, arts, culture, science and many more. Being the leader in archive footage, their material has been ultised by a copious amount of companies, broadcasters etc. A more in-depth history of Pathé can be found here.

Extracts from their history:

From 1933-1958, was British Pathé’s Golden Age, after it was bought by British International Pictures. After the second World War, Pathé produced the most dramatic footage for film and commercials. However, by the 1950s the television market ultimately damaged the company, with newsreel footage looking outdated. When the 1960s approached saw the decline of the company, Associated British Picture Corporation (parent company of Pathé-branded newsreel and feature film producers, Associated British-Pathé) merged with Warner Brothers to form Warner-Pathé in 1958.

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