A Documentary Film on Historical Trauma

Dodging Bullets is what Native American children do every day of their lives. Whether it’s  rapping with their doctors or eating dollar burgers, one thing is for sure; if they fail to change their behavior, before long they will be facing the end. It doesn’t have to be this way.
Dodging Bullets will take an uncompromising look at the treatment of Native American children, focusing on:

  • The use of specific protocols to reduce costs and improve outcomes.
  • Emerging methodologies that have been proven to reduce the costs of health care and the level of hospital admissions, including the introduction of personal health care coaches to patients.
  • An examination of perhaps most significantly – why treatment methods are not being delivered properly?

With testimonials from health care experts, researchers, politicians, families, and patients both in the US and around the world, Dodging Bullets explores the issues that are crucial to the long-term health of the Nations. Together we can dodge the bullets and learn to dance to a different tune.

Dodging Bullets

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