DIRECTORY: The Script Lab

A screenwriting resource; providing breakdowns of films, YouTube tutorials, entertainment content for industry professionals, articles on scriptwriting and screenplay competitions.

Est. in 2010, each of their online personas deliver a variety of content. The website provides a writer’s network, a way to connect and share with fellow screenwriters. They post features or ‘screenwriting 101’ to educate their audience in methods regarding a script, entertainment news and film reviews, and amazon links to writing, writing and directing or playwriting. Additionally, they give a platform to download scripts over the years – these are typically award winning films and scripts, varying in Oscar nominees to strong festival contendees.

TSL’s YouTube channel’s content ranges from interviews and discussions with writers, filmmakers and educators. In previous years, they released a series called ‘Script Tips’ – it went through different lessons of writing, such as the structure, formatting and developing characters. TSL’s instagram is the most limited of their online personas, only posting pictures of quotes or links to their website regarding articles.

Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr all deliver the same content; similar to Instagram they post writer’s quotes, but also blog a screenshot of the 1st page of screenplays or go through the first 10 pages, such as Inception. Furthermore, they post article from their website either interviews about how to do something, or genre or plot breakdowns. Occasionally, they post a question to their followers – the most recent one being “What is your favorite screen adaptation?”