Obvious Child.


Seven years ago, Knocked Up took a stab at the seemingly impossible. Juno took a swing shortly after. Using the romantic comedy genre as its vehicle, both films sought to promote one of three choices an unintentionally pregnant mother is forced to make — keeping one’s baby, putting it up for adoption, or having an abortion.

It’s a touchy subject matter all by itself, but in more ways than one, the Judd Apatow and Jason Reitman-directed films both succeeded in, as one person put it, “glamorizing teen pregnancy.” The former film, which grossed a total of $148.7 million, made the top-ten list of the jury for the 2007 AFI Awards (as well as the images-5top-ten lists of several well-known critics). It was even hailed, quite enthusiastically by Boston Bubble’s John Newman as “a better, raunchy, modern version of Some Like it Hot.” The latter did equally as well at the box office, if not better, and won the…

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