20 Great Postmodernist Films That Are Worth Your Time

best postmoedrn films


The term Postmodern is quite an oxymoron. It talks about a period which transcends the present. Notions of time, space, reality and existence are all skewed. This ideology became a part of various art forms. We all live in a world where the concept of time and space has become extremely complicated and disorienting because the way technology has affected all of us. Cinema that represents this alienation in its form as well as content becomes a post-modernist film. 

Described below are 20 films that are a foundation of this movement in cinema. Post modernism is any art form that was initially studied only in retrospect. These films intentionally or unintentionally have common features that unite them. They challenge conventional form and are all worth watching if post modernism as a theory excites you.


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