Some Changes

So after some thinking over Christmas, and spending a whole month working on this script and getting nowhere, I’ve decided to change a few things. Or the whole thing essentially. Well, the tone and stuff will remain the same.

Anyway, the real hindrance of mine was the location. As it was set in East and Central London, but when Hana left to go see Arielle, in the countryside I had no idea where to set it and was going back and forth between places across England, Scotland and France. No one the locations I picked seemed good enough, and how I once felt about having most of the story in the countryside wasn’t the same. I kept thinking, about how when I write the feature I want it to be set in America. Because it just feels American at its heart, so why not change it to America. Specifically, New York City and Virginia; both of these places I know fairly well and the atmosphere of them worked much better than England.

However, I kept thinking that Hana wasn’t interesting enough as a character. Even though, I changed the location, she still wasn’t an interesting enough character and as previously said in a writing class, why would anyone want to watch a depressed person? I was worried that her character only revolved around her depression, as she was developed to be quite a passive person and I was afraid that she was falling into a stereotype of Asian women in media with this passivity.

Around this time, I saw more things regarding police brutality against black people and the lack or stereotyped representations of black women in media, especially for that of black women suffering from mental illnesses. Throughout the Christmas break, I had fleeting thoughts of switching the protagonist to be Arielle. Her disposition was generally quite optimistic and would contrast against the depression, and there would be more to lose if she was married and left her husband.

Thus, after coming back for term 2, I’ve decided to change the location of the story to Virginia (not sure where) to New York City, and have Arielle as the protagonist.

EDIT: I changed the location to North Carolina, as Arielle drives up to New York and time wise, it takes longer for her to get there from NC. I debated between Raleigh, Durham and Charlotte but chose the latter because it’s my sisters name.

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