MDA3300: Destiny Ekaragha Talk

A few weeks ago, filmmaker Destiny Ekaragha gave a talk during on of our classes. Unfortunately, I was filming and couldn’t attend. I regret this decision now, as a friend of mine who attended the talk, told me she was a fan of How To Get Away With Murder and Scandal i.e. Shonda Rhimes fan. Hence, I cried because I would have been there with her and my friend, fangirling over these amazing shows.

Thankfully, though I believed another friend of mine who was planning to attend was going to film the talk and thus we could all rejoice in Destiny’s awesomeness. However, he didn’t film nor attend the event and I hate him now.

Anyway, she released her first feature Gone Too Far! at the end of last year. Screening at numerous film festivals and winning copious awards, as well as being named as one of Breakthrough Brits at the 2014 BAFTAs.

It was her 8 minute short film, Tight Jeans that really put Destiny on the map. A simple concept, screening at the London Film Festival . Though, she released four more shorts before her feature debut.

As a director-writer, her films aren’t something that would influence my work but personally, her films are amazing and hilarious. It just goes to show how the festival route can really help filmmakers today.

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