How to Write a Screenplay Dealing with Mental Illness

Conflict consistently makes for interesting stories in screenplays. But how does one convey conflict within a person’s mental capacities?

With a lot of tact.

It’s very easy to tackle a topic in narrative fiction, whether or not it’s based on a true story, and insensitively muddle facts or come off as insensitive when dealing with a touchy subject like mental health. So if you’re looking to feature a character whose main conflict is in their head, look to the screenplay for Still Alice and these tips:

Establish The Lead Character and What Their Struggle Is Early

When writing a screenplay wherein a character struggles with a disease or something only they explicitly suffer from, be sure to show them figuring out what it is, how they suffer from it, and how or if they come to terms with their condition. Can they? Do they want to? Ask these kinds of questions.

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