MDA3300: Film CV Writing

I have been (poorly) attempting to create my film industry CV for about a year. The pressure though, to make one is becoming more urgent – with internship/job application deadlines approaching and my mum constantly telling me to contact this actor friend of a friend she has (I need to at least have CV put together before I contact him, and I know actors aren’t the best people to help you get a foot in the industry), I’ve been working on it.

Whenever, I’ve tried to make one I’ve been overwhelmed with what I need to put in, and how to structure it – though after I created my LinkedIn account, it didn’t feel AS overwhelmed. More like whelmed (get the 10 Things I Hate About You reference?).

Below are some prototypes and the feedback I received from my on them:

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 00.32.21I honestly think a simple word document with all the information written horizontally across the page would be better. Begin with your experience, but beware of saying you have ‘extensive’ experience when you’d be looking for entry level jobs. 
List your work experience next, and you don’t need to state that Empire is a university project because it will also be a music video outside of the university context. I think you can lose the ‘expertise’ section and instead find ways to make sure all of those points are covered by the bullet points within each work experience line.
Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 00.31.45
I think your name and contact details should be at the top. The objective should be shorter, written in the first person, and use that space to say what isn’t already indicated below in your education and experience – ie. what you’re interested in, and aiming to get into.
Furthermore, back in January I found a post on tumblr (I can’t find it now unfortunately) but it outlined the structure for a covering letter. So this should be awesome when I need to give a personal statement or cover letter for any of those internships or a non-film industry job.
Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 23.47.32

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