why we’re obsessed with ‘ackee & saltfish’


photo via ackee & saltfish.

Traditionally speaking, ackee and saltfish is a dish from the Caribbean. Lately, though, the name has been rolling off everyone’s tongues thanks to the British-Jamaican filmmaker Cecile Emeke and her new London-based web series, Ackee & Saltfish. Following the release of the original short film last year, the first episode of the series launched on February 22.

So far, all three episodes have captured a different daily interaction between best friends Olivia (Michelle Tiwo) and Rachel (Vanessa Babirye). It has been compared to Broad City, mainly because it’s a comedy starring two single twenty-something women, but other than that, the shows are literally worlds apart. Women have made huge strides in mainstream television this past year, but there still aren’t enough shows that project posivites images of, healthy female friendships in the black community. Ackee & Saltfish fills that void while also drawing attention to important issues that tend to be ignored in both the U.S. and the UK like gentrification—it’s also really entertaining.

Read more: http://www.nylon.com/articles/ackee-and-saltfish-brings-new-flavors-to-television


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