Empire Creatives|Music Video Shoots

 In early February and March, I worked as a 1st and 2nd AD on two music videos produced by Empire Creatives and directed by Pierre Jermaine. The first shoot that took place was Mark Asari’s Up & Away, where I worked as a 1st AD. Shooting this gave me a chance to watch how another director worked, and it wasn’t something I typically work on thus I saw a glimpse into how the music industry works in regarding to music videos. Throughout, it started to run over and were faced with the possibility of having to pay extra for the location. However, we managed to get through the last part of the shoot incredibly fast and were able to wrap at the original time.


The second shoot was Young Spray’s Proud, featuring Wretch 32 and Chip (formerly known as Chipmunk) – where I worked as a 2nd AD. This was a much bigger shoot, with well known music acts appearing. It was bit more difficult, as this was shoot in 3 different locations and had to coordinate the 3 acts as well as actors. Unfortunately, the shoot ran over with the last location; though the only crew needed by that point was the director, the DoP and the actor playing young Wretch.

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