Tuesday: Original character and treatment notes

Originally I was planning to direct ‘Nothing Good Happens on a Tuesday’ [NGHOT] for my final year dissertation project. Obviously, I changed my direction and am currently writing the screenplay for my dissertation instead. I choose to do this for financial reasons (we have to pay for our own films), I would not be able to make a film under 20 minutes with the story and characters I wanted, and lastly whatever ending or full story I came up with wasn’t what I wanted.

Anyway, these are the notes (from my notebook) I made over the summer. Some of which were written whilst working on a feature film in August. I have got other notes written on my phone, some that date back to last February (2014), and I will post screenshots of these later. In regards to these notes, they are drastically different to what the film is right now, and is effectively a whole new story. Apart from the character’s names and general themes of female friendship, complicated friendships, depression and isolation/alienation.

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