Tuesday: February 2014 notes

These are the infamous February 2014 notes. As you can see this still retains similar aspects to the previous notes and to what NGHOT is now (including the title). However, the parts about the older brother coming and taking advantage of/possibly raping M have drastically changed, as now the older brother is Marcus who is Hana’s (formerly known as Kiko) fuck buddy/friend with benefits/casual boyfriend. Additionally, the relationship between Mimi (Arielle) and Kiko (Hana) is pretty much how it is now with there being changes in character and general details. The differences though, apart from the obvious. Is the setting (set in London, now set in NYC), it practically being a family drama, wherein Kiko and Ayo are Japanese/Korean-British and are brother and sister. Furthermore, Ayo is now more of a combination of Drew (Arielle’s husband) and Marcus (fuck buddy of Hana’s) and neither of the two characters are malicious and as manipulative. Ultimately, the reason for me not going down this film route was because the actor I intended to use (back when this was going to be final year film project), was moving back to Canada due to his visa expiring. Thus, this idea was completely thrown out the window. I realise I could have got another actor but it’s probably best as I was going to write the part for a specific actor and then they would probably drop out for whatever reason (the visa being this one), and I’ve learnt my lesson from my last film when doing that.


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