Tuesday: Original notes (cont’d)

To continue on from the previous post, these are some notes I wrote down in my phone (not including the notes dating back to February). These ones date back to April last year (2014) and show the amount of changes the story went through. Also, the 2nd and 3rd screenshot are notes made whilst I pitched the idea to a producer friend who gave me some feedback on the story. As you shown, it details that I should switch the roles of Arielle and Hana; previously Hana was uninteresting and the victim whereas Arielle was the antagonist.

However, after this talk he highlighted it’d be better if Hana was an anti-heroine type – who went from being a broken/destroyed character to breaking/destroying everything around her. This is one of the things I’ve applied to the revised story, but with Arielle being the anti-heroine type. Furthermore, the note of Hannah from the TV show Girl’s is in regards to her being an unlikeable character but the audience can empathise with her (to an extent and only for the 1st and 2nd season) as they can see themselves in her character. The point being, I need to that with my protagonist – make her unlikeable or an anti-heroine you can empathise with.


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