I remember watching the whole 1st season of this webseries back in January before I went back to university. There’s a 2nd season as well, and is award-winning. This series was created by Issa Rae, who also stars, writes and directs ‘Awkward Black Girl’. Who recently released the book ‘The Misadvantages of Awkward Black Girl’, and is has a HBO pilot order in the works. I just found out the latter a few days ago, and thought it appropriate to blog about the sheer amazingness of Issa Rae and her webseries.

It follows J, the passive-aggressive incredibly awkward protagonist. She navigates a job she hates at a call centre for a weight loss pill, and [in the 1st season] is attempting to get the affections of Fred, a fellow co-worker. I loved how the series showed a awkward, nerdy black woman who had to endure to casual racism and micro aggressions of her colleagues. But at least she friends her, as J calls it, “awkward soulmate” in Cece – who actually appreciates her flow.


AWKWARD Black Girl – Webseries, Season 1

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