So a few weeks ago I saw this tumblr post about this awesome new webseries called ‘I Love Lucy & Bekka’ and how I basically needed to watch it right now. When I saw said post I was in the middle of writing a draft for a script and was procrastinating a little…then ended up watching all 12 episodes in one sitting.

It stars Kristolyn Lloyd & Gina Rodriguez, ya know the golden globe winner who is also starring in one of my favourite TV shows right now, Jane the Virgin. I love how webseries are creating a space for female protagonist who are also women of colour, and these shows are being made by talented women of colour.

Lucy & Bekka have been roommates and best friends since the beginning of their twenties. They are so close that they finish each other’s sandwiches. 

Below is the first episode, Christina Aguilera

I Love Lucy & Bekka

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