MDA3300: Finalised Film CV

So after taking Elhum’s advice previously about my resume, I’ve finished up my first Film CV. I have taken on board most of her advice, but disregarded others, such as moving my name and contact details to the top of the page. I did this, because 1. I think them being to the side makes it more interesting than the standard CV and 2. I didn’t have enough space at the top of the page.

I haven’t included all of my work as it’s either a small university project, is a similar role to several other productions or my volunteering experience. As I write this I’ve already applied to 3 internships and have noted down about 2-5 more I intend to apply to. The deadlines for most of them don’t close for another few weeks and so it’ll be a while until I hear back regarding interviews and assessment days etc.

I haven't included my name or contact details, because if I did, you'd all be able to see my phone number.

I haven’t included my name or contact details, because if I did, you’d all be able to see my phone number.

However, for the last few days I’ve been thinking that, if I do in fact get one of the internships, then after I’ve completed said contract I wouldn’t want to continue onto employment in this section of the industry. As I’ve been applying for mostly production internships, and I know this is not the field I want to go into. I need to work my arse off to achieve what I really want to do, which is write and direct my own films – but these won’t be paying the bills for a while.

The other options I’ve been considering, which I’ve been thinking about either since the summer or earlier this year, respectively are:

– Applying to NFTS, both directing and screenwriting pathways (not that I’d get in first time round, but even if I did and managed to get a scholarship that covered everything I’m not sure I’d want to stay in education for another few years. Not to mention the larger amount of debt I’d be in).

– A friend told me there might be a position opening this summer at Elstree UTC, though this is unlikely.

– Getting a full time job in London for the summer, might continue to live in London or move back to MK. 

– Moving back to my hometown and getting a full time job (this would be mostly to pay the bills and rent over the summer, after this I would save up. I don’t know what for yet.)

– A possible option after I’ve saved up enough money (roughly £5,000-£7,000 for school fees and living expenses), attend the New York Film Academy, Los Angeles (it’ll be in the winter, and I can’t stand the cold). Either for the screenwriting courses (4 weeks or 8 weeks) or the directing course (4 weeks or 8 weeks). I would love to go onto the 1 year courses or Masters degree courses, but alas the school fees are way WAY too expensive, so the 1/2 month ones will have to do. 


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