After my latest tutorial with David, he said I needed to figure out the song choices mentioned in my script by describing the tone and style. Thus, I decided to figure out what songs I should use instead. These are the choices for three scenes. The bedroom scene is when Arielle and Hana are lying in bed together and Hana wakes Arielle up with loud music. The Party scene is when the women head to Marcus’ place and is the music I want playing. The second * for this scene I wanted to play when Marcus is going down on Hana, as the lyrics would perfectly align with the action. The diner scene, took me a while as I wanted a song that fitted both of their characters and the type of music they would listen to, as well as it not being too emotional or slow. At first I thought of using Josef Salvat’s Hustler song, though this was a recent release, so the timelines would have to be reconsidered and it’s a selective music choice that might not have fitted the characters. I figured that since, Beyoncé is popular music choice and the woman is a walking genius and goddess, it made sense. However, choosing a song off her 2013 album and the women only know each other for a short while, so much so they didn’t have a song, I had to rethink the timeline of the story and plus I got to write a scene where the characters freaked out over Beyoncé dropping that album out of the blue.



Song Decisions

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