After a tutorial with my tutor, David we discussed the development of the characters: as this is a character based story. He recommended a book that asks questions about the characters and which you answer to know more about who you’re writing. The questions they asked were:

Names, age, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, physical appearance, what they do for money, where they live (accommodation), what they lack, what they need, a secret they have, a problem, a memory, something they believe, wha they wish, where they are at the moment (both physically and emotionally I guess), 3 things about them.

Obviously, for Arielle and Hana I went as indepth as I could before my brain fried (and because they are the lead characters), for Drew I wrote much less because he’s only a supporting part and for Marcus and Kate (Hana’s sister) I wrote very little to nothing.


Character Profiles

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