The photo on the left were the notes I made for the reworked 2nd and 3rd draft. I knew what I had written in the first draft wasn’t going to work for the finalised script, thus I worked on several ideas and routes for it. As you can see, none of them were fully formed, were still rough and thus ultimately did not end up in the final script. Although, I would have loved to develop these ideas more, unfortuntely they wouldn’t have fitted in the set screenplay length and could possibly be written into the feature version.

The photo on the right were notes regarding Hana’s character and what her arc was. In the first draft Hana was dealing drugs and this was her secret from Arielle during her stay. Though, whilst editing I decided Hana couldn’t be a dealer and settled on her instead dealing with an addiction (of the drug taking variety). I am unsure right now whether to be completely definite on the aspects of her addiction or leave it ambigous – for example whether she went to rehab or if she’d only been threatened about being taken to rehab. The further notes, depict my notes on Arielle’s time perception being off and some notes on the 2nd act.

2nd Draft Ideas

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