Spike Jonze is an American filmmaker born in Maryland, United States. Although he’s only directed four feature-length films, Jonze’s experimental and unique approach to telling stories is what sets him apart from the pack. From the story of a man falling in love with his operating system, to the adapted tale of a young boy’s adventures with a mysterious group of creatures, Jonze’s work has resonated with audiences around the world, channeling moments of melancholy, humor, and brilliance.

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Last but not least, special thanks to Nick Kinder!

“Divorce Papers” by Arcade Fire & Owen Pallett remains courtesy of Warner Bros., ℗ 2013.
“Everything Is New” by Slow Club remains courtesy of Wichita Recordings, ℗ 2014.

Scenes from “Her” & “Where the Wild Things Are” remain courtesy of Warner Bros., © 2013, 2009.
Scenes from “Adaptation.” remain courtesy of Columbia Pictures, © 2002.
Scenes from “Being John Malkovich” remain courtesy of Focus Features, © 1999.

Edited by Miguel Branco, © 2015. “ciné: Spike Jonze” is a non-profit project made solely for entertainment purposes. No copyright infringement intended.


ciné: Spike Jonze

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