Nothing Good Happens on a Tuesday: Treatment (Unrevised version)

The film takes place in contemporary New York City, and occasionally in Raleigh/Charlotte, NC. ‘Nothing Good Happens on a Tuesday‘ focuses on a friendship that’s strained, barely a friendship and is effectively falling apart. Utilising a non-linear narrative, it will show the relationship the two main characters had in the past and this contrasting (and sometimes similar to how it was). The past narrative will be illustrated to be similar to remembering a memory i.e. Wild (2014) showing how their friendship used to be and how it became how it is in the present day narrative.




  • Young adults (18-30)
  • Women
  • Struggle with mental illness
  • Fans of Taiwanese/Hong Kong New Wave Cinema and Postmodernism Cinema

THEMES: (Female) friendship & modern day relationships, nostalgia, displacement, postmodernism, growing up/adulthood for the millennials.

LOGLINE: A newlywed leaves her husband to go visit her college roommate and best friend – whom she hasn’t seen or spoken to in 8 months.


After a pregnancy scare, recently married college dropout Arielle leaves North Carolina and goes back to New York City to see former college roommate and friend, Hana. Both of them believe they are happy with their lives, but in reality Arielle is depressed and scared of married life, and Hana’s hedonist lifestyle is affecting her career. Arielle and Hana attempt to rekindle what their friendship once was in university, though they struggle to understand each other after spending almost a year apart. The appearance of Marcus, Hana’s friend and ‘fuck buddy’ further complicates the women’s relationship; it finally hitting a breaking point when Arielle’s husband and high school sweetheart, Drew turns up in New York.



The main protagonist is Arielle (Vásquez nee Washington), her main objective is happiness (to figure out where she belongs) and this moves the plot forward as she does what it takes to achieve this whatever the cost may be. She suffers from depression, she’s had this since she started graduate school. It’s been lingering for a year and compels her to leave Raleigh after a pregnancy scare. She went to grad school for 2 months, before deciding to drop out and hiding this from Hana for a further 2 months, with Arielle moving back home and limiting her contact with Hana for 8 months. She eloped with her high school boyfriend, Drew during her time in Raleigh, but after the pregnancy scare she flees back to NYC to stay with her college BFF/roommate to run away from her settled life and figure out everything in a place she also once called home.

Arielle believes that Hana is living the life of luxury and is envious of her lifestyle. However, she soon realises her life isn’t how it appears and similarly is struggling to keep it together. She, herself becomes more destructive after going back to New York. Cheating on her husband, effectively ending her marriage with him when he comes to see her and jeopardising her friendship with Hana. The only person she can communicate with outside of this mess is Hana’s sister, Kate who’s a long term acquaintance of hers – to the disapproval of Hana. Arielle is mixed race/African American and comes from a conventional Christian family & community.

Arielle’s arc throughout the film is her becoming a more destructive, unlikeable and selfish. She starts off as a married, committed young Christian woman who is afraid of pregnancy and needs her friend and the security of youth/hedonism. The first impression of her falls apart and she spirals into becoming an anti-hero – selfish, destructive, manipulative at times.


  • Optimistic, intellectual, enthusiastic, outspoken


  • Restless, tactless, impatient, awkward, selfish, passive-aggressive


The second lead character is Hana, her main objective is to have fun but also fulfill the expectations of her sister, Kate – she wants to be more like her sister (to not be a failure, this not necessarily meaning she lives up to her family’s expectations). Hana is engaged in a sexual relationship with Marcus (he works in her building), and is promiscuous, a heavy drinker, and recreationally takes drugs. Hana is living with her sister (she’s between places) and hates her corporate job – she is on a leave of absence/suspended during the film after turning up to work high and hides the truth from Arielle. Hana is both ambitious and lethargic, ultimately knowing what she wants but is too lazy to achieve it. She is slightly older than Arielle (Hana being 24-25 and Arielle being 23), is Asian American and comes from a non religious 3rd generation immigrant family (Taiwanese)

Hana’s arc is she wants to look like she’s got her shit together, especially to Arielle because she’s got the ‘perfect/ideal’ life. However, throughout the film its revealed she hasn’t got her shit together and is in the same boat with Arielle about navigating adult life. Only difference being, Hana is okay with not being okay (just as long as she doesn’t fail) whereas Arielle can’t quite get to that point.


  • Clever, humanitarian, witty, inventive


  • Stubborn, sarcastic, rebellious, aloof



One of the three supporting characters is Drew (Vásquez), Arielle’s high school boyfriend and now husband. He is oblivious to Arielle’s doubts and wants to start a family with her. He’s a former high school-college football star and now works as a contractor. He is out of town working when Arielle leaves Raleigh and travels to New York to talk to once he realises where she is. When they do talk, he leaves knowing their marriage isn’t going to last Andre;73 he can’t bring Arielle back with him. Drew is supportive of Arielle needing to figure things out and holds out hope she will come back to Raleigh and start a family together. Drew is roughly the same age as Hana (24/25), though is the only adult who has it together. He is from a similarly from a southern Christian family like Arielle and is latino


  • Independent, generous, enthusiastic, courageous, sweet


  • Moody, short tempered, impulsive, impatient, awkward


The second supporting character is Hana’s older sister, Kate. Her main objective is to have a better relationship with her sister. She wants her sister’s life get back on track – Hana is temporarily staying with her but Kate is trying to get her to move into her own place. Whilst Arielle stays at their place she is out of country for work and comes home to find them together. She believes Arielle was a good influence on Hana and has a better relationship with her than her own sister. Ultimately, she doesn’t intrude on their friendship but gives them both advice – though she is more forthcoming with her advice to Arielle as Kate has a strained sibling relationship with Hana. Kate works as an investment banker and is nearing 30. Her life revolves around work and doesn’t (physically) appear until near the end.


  • Responsible, patient, ambitious, resourceful


  • Dictatorial, inhibited, conceited, distrusting


The third supporting character is Marcus, he works in the same building as Hana. Marcus’ main goal is to have fun, this including sleeping with Hana on a casual basis (they are friends first though). He joins Hana in her drinking and drug taking but doesn’t go as far as her. After the arrival of Arielle, they have sex but this doesn’t faze Hana. She’s more concerned with Arielle’s destructiveness. After his encounter with Arielle he backs off from both of them and gives them space to figure out their relationship. Drew enjoys his corporate job unlike Hana and is only interested in enjoying his twenties. He is genuinely a good guy but is problematic i.e. fetishises WoC, disrespectful to women. He is in his late twenties and is white.


  • Diplomatic, graceful, idealistic, hospitable


  • Superficial, vain, indecisive, fickle


They meet whilst studying at Columbia University in New York, becoming fast friends and eventually roommates. Throughout the flashbacks, it will document their friendship and significant moments in their time together. At some point in their relationship it becomes sexual; engaging in sexual acts when intoxicated and thus blurring the lines of what their relationship is. They both mutually decide to stop this and their friendship is mostly unscathed. However, the cause of their distance and not talking for months (8 months) spawns is Arielle’s dropping out of graduate school (she doesn’t inform Hana of this out of shame and embarrassment), leaving New York, moving back to her hometown and eloping with ex-boyfriend, Drew and failing to tell Hana anything or her leaving town. Hana does find all this out prior to Arielle’s arrival back in New York, this being the cause of the tension between them. Hana has mostly forgiven her, but is still angry. Whereas Arielle is a mess, she doesn’t know what she wants anymore – unsure of her commitment to Drew, and the decisions she made about her life. However, the tension towards Hana from Arielle, is her hating that Hana thinks she knows what’s better for her and deep down Arielle knows Hana is right in some ways. Such as, running away from her problems, living in her past and trying to recapture the happiness in her youth and recreate it in her twenties. Thus, when Arielle comes to stay with Hana she puts on this front as to the what her life is really like (Hana almost doing the same), but these both fall apart early on in the film, when they tell each other the truth. They come to the realisation that their time apart has been beneficial but the friendship they once had isn’t the same. The ending leaves their friendship ambiguously open as to whether it will end or continue – manifesting into something else or a less ideally conventional friendship.


Scenes, Present:

  • Arielle taking a pregnancy test – comes back negative (inciting incident)
  • Arielle contacts Hana, Hana invites her to come up to NY and stay
  • Arielle is lying in bed awake. Drew is beside her asleep. Her phone goes off, alerting that it is Hana’s birthday in 2 days.
  • A is in the kitchen, making breakfast. Drew comes in carrying weekend luggage. He reminds her about his trip out of town (it’s an important meeting and could be huge for his company). He kisses her goodbye, she leaves the food on the side…to take a pregnancy test.
  • Arielle witnesses Marcus and Hana have sex. Later enquiries about relationship, told it’s only sexual

Scenes, Past:

  • Hana and Arielle are in Columbia’s library. Arielle is on the floor reading a book and Hana is on a step ladder trying to find one. Their levels switch and symbolise what they want in life.
  • Previous birthday – Just after Arielle has moved back to NC, she waits for a message etc. from Hana on her 23rd birthday but gets nothing. In a fit of rage she destroys all the letters she was going to send to her but couldn’t. Drew finds her broken on the floor shortly after.
  • Hana is in the shower, Arielle is talking to her. She’s trying to talk it her about her not liking grad school. Hana tells her to quit or stay and make a decision.
  • Hana and Arielle get matching tattoos
  • See a dancing troupe on subway – Hana expresses her annoyance about it (being a New Yorker) and Arielle seems intrigued (having only recently moved from NC, maybe she wears her high school sweatshirt)


• Hana and Arielle are at a deserted beach at night. They are drunk and high, as they splash water in each other’s faces whilst they pass each other a joint. They are still high and drunk on the ride home, as well as soaking wet. They laugh at the morning rush commuters judging them.

• Late at night, Arielle is on her laptop reading an email from Hana. Her husband, Drew sleeps next to her. She hesitates to reply and begins to write back but stops when Drew rolls over and puts his arm around her. Arielle looks down at him, then back to her laptop and closes it.

• In the morning, Arielle is on her laptop attempting to write back to Hana. The audience learn Hana invited Arielle to come stay with her in New York, it being awhile since they’ve seen one another. In the midst of this, Drew is haphazardly packs last minute things, explaining an important business trip that he’s mentions numerous times before, furthermore he’ll be out of state for a few days, max a week.

• Arielle is in a convenience store, wearing her work uniform looking at pregnancy tests. A random child comes up to her and tries to interact with her. Arielle gets a phone call from Drew, she rejects it, picks up a pregnancy test and leaves.

• Arielle sits on the toilet urinating –CUT TO– there is a used pregnancy test on the counter. Arielle waits for the results and looks at herself in the mirror. Once the time is up [TIMER ON SCREEN?] she turns the test over. The audience are not shown the result but Arielle is upset.

• [Possibly cut in between previous scene] Arielle is perched on the toilet/countertop whilst Hana is in the shower. Arielle tells Hana she is thinking about quitting graduate school, but is unsure. Hana reminds her of how far she’s gotten and should preserve.

• Outside a small one story house, Arielle rushes through the screen door and down the porch steps with a weekend bag in hand. She gets in her car, puts in Hana’s address in the satnav and drives off –CUT TO– at a gas station in the middle of the night, Arielle fills up her cars petrol. She calls Hana but only reaches her voicemail. In the message she says she coming to New York and should be there soon.

• In a kitchen mixed between Patrick Bateman-esque and hipster chic Hana rolls a joint, scantily clad and drinks coffee (music plays in the background). The intercom buzzes, Hana answers it and Arielle is on the other line. Hana buzzes her up, after a brief confused conversation. When Arielle reaches the apartment she brushes off Hana’s concern over her unexpected arrival by complimenting the place, unbeknownst to her Hana is temporarily living with her sister, Kate.

• Arielle goes to old church, speaks to priest. done bad things not bad person ACT 3

• Bath of milk, same girl who says tortilla chips make her mouth dry at the party


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